Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I’m truly blessed with work lately and I have never imagined that this will bring good chance for me to save. I’m trying to save little by little because these days, we’ll never know what lies ahead if we don’t have anything on our pockets. I’m also thinking of securing my health since I have noticed that I have frequent bouts of stomach discomfort that I know in the future will give me some trouble.

Business wise, I’m still sticking with my net café business eventhough it’s not doing well anymore. Too much competition is killing it and I guess that more people can already buy computers for their home. I also thought of investing and to \buy gold eagle coins
but that is something that I need to think more. I don’t know about the trade so I guess I need to read more reviews. In the meantime, I will just save, save and save.

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