Monday, August 9, 2010

A Call from a Dear Friend

My SIL knocked on my bedroom door around 7 am this morning and told me that I have a phone call. I asked the name and I could not recall who it was bec. she misheard her name. Anyway, it was a call from my long lost bestfriend way back in college.

It was Erly who's a friend of mine when I was in 3rd yr. Med. Tech course in college. She's in New York already with her family and still working as a Medical Technologist in one of the hospital there along with her husband. She found me at Facebook and she messaged me over there that's why she was able to get my contact no.

It's always nice to talk to a friend that you've not seen and talked for many many years already. I'm sure that we'll be keeping in touch more bec. of Facebook etc.

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  1. facebook is awesome. i also found a long lost classmate who's now my boyfriend - through fb. glad you found your friend, cheers!


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