Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Health is my Wealth

If there is one thing that I’m carefully monitoring these days is my health. Just like what I’ve written on my recent post, I’m in pursuit for healthier me and I think I’m slowing doing good. Aside from removing softdrinks from my diet, canned goods and processed foods are some foods that I’m getting rid as well because I know it only contains lots of salt and preservatives that are very harmful to our bodies.

Although I can’t remove eating pork and other lean meats on my diet, I just have to make sure that I’ll always eat vegetables along with it or if not will have a veggie meal the next day or so. I also have some problems with my digestion so I guess a detoxification
method can probably help me in a way.

Sites and blogs that promote health and nutrition appeals to me lately and honestly I’ve been to sites where I can get healthy recipes and read more about improving quality of life through yoga, exercise and just being happy and contented. I guess with my feverish desire to be healthy, I can conquer my goal in no time and I just have to be determined and focus in doing that.

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