Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Pursuit to Healthier Me

I’m not getting any younger so I promised myself to be healthy these days. To get me started on my mission, I already removed eating canned goods in my diet and processed food because I know these will not do good in my health. And I’m so proud of myself to be able to stop drinking any softdrinks since September of 2009. I’m not craving for it anymore, nor I’m tempted to drink it. I’ll give myself a tap on the shoulder for having been able to do that bec. I used to drink 1bottle of softdrinks a day for snack or lunch.

One thing I lack these days is regular exercise, but when I felt guilty I do some stretching or I’m going up and down on our stairs. Before I use to play badminton but I got lazy afterwards. I hope I can get back to that routine.

Though I’m trying to be healthy, I’m still noticing some few changes on my health. I have some problems with my digestion and I’m just too afraid to develop colon cancer and other related stomach conditions. I just need to discipline myself eating veggies and fruits, drink more water and sleep on time. Right now, I’m reading health forums and even started food and health blog so I can keep on watching my health condition.

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