Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Love for Watches

I love watches and I never fail to always pass by any watch store when I go out malling just to take a peep at the new styles of watches available or if there’s any sale going on. I have to say that my love for watches only started when my relatives from the US started to give me watches as gifts. I collected all of them and I excitedly wear them alternately over time.

Watches are good accessories and there are styles and designs that will suit your attire or look. These days, I was fascinated with all those big watches with leather straps that were usually worn only be men before. I’m also planning to buy another watch this year as a birthday gift for myself and I hope my online friend will have new watches for sale so I can pick one.

I also happen to find some IWC Watches
at Lussori. I love the pick color and the style but oh my gosh, my eyes lit up when I saw the hefty price. It was branded and luxury watch that costs thousands of dollars, probably if I got rich I can purchase one of those. Lussori sells luxury, elegant and some of the world’s rarest and most unique timepieces that any watch lover would love to have.

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