Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rushed Mom at the Hospital

We took mom at the hospital last night after complaining of dizziness after having dinner. I took her blood pressure and it was 160/90 and it was not a good sign. I gave her the medicines that she's been taking as a maintenance from after 30 mins. it has no sign of going down. She is quite having difficulty so we decided to take her to the hospital right away at around 9pm.
The ER of the nearest hospital was fully packed that night but was taken care of right away. The doctor gave her a medicine 2x under her tongue but still he BP is high so we all decided that she needs to be confined already so that they can check her thoroughly.

She's still in the hospital right now and we are waiting for the xray and other laboratory results. I’m hoping that her doctor will visit her tonight so he can update us with my mom’s health status. I’m praying and wishing that nothing serious will come out of the results.

With emergencies like this, having a health insurance like NC health insurance is good to have. Since my mom is already 77, she has no more health card but at least she can get a 20% discount because she’s a senior citizen.

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