Thursday, September 16, 2010

Satisying my Cake Cravings

After getting sick for a whole week last August, my appetite is surely back. While others are thinking of drinking diet pills to lose weight, here I am trying to gain some more weight. There are many instances where I craved for some foods and if I've got the money, I asked my brother to buy me food. Just like yesterday, I'm craving for a cake but I don't want to buy red ribbon or goldilocks this time because I'm already used to the same taste.

My brother suggested to just order a cake from a local baker that we have here if I want and I agreed. They ordered a small rectangle shaped 9" x 13" chocolate cake with caramel filling inside. The baker asked what is the occasion and bro just told to just put "have a great day" on it hehe.

SIL got the cake and delivered it to me here at the house right after lunch and here I am eating some of them for snack and I'm sure we'll eat this for a day or two.

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