Thursday, October 21, 2010

25 Years of Blissful Marriage

My older sister and her husband are going to celebrate their 25th (silver) wedding anniversary come May of next year. I have to say that these days, it’s sad to see couples splitting most particularly in Hollywood. Celebrities’ lives are magnified and almost everything that they do will be noticed by anyone and such event in their lives can’t be hidden.

I’m not sure what are the plans of my sister and BIL on their wedding day and I just heard from sister they like to renew their vows in church. Not quite sure if it’s still their plan but if you’re going to ask me it’s not very practical thing to do nowadays as it will require big expenses once again. I guess they can still celebrate this special occasion with just close relatives and for sure they’ll also receive special blessings and lots of sentimental anniversary gifts from all of us.

I have to check out my sister and ask her about it but if I’m not wrong an Asian trip is bound to happen.

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