Saturday, October 2, 2010

Discovered Treasure

As you all know my oldest brother has a collection old stuff and that includes, LP records, celebrity photos, vintage bottles, stamps, old coins, comic books and lots more. Their living room was even converted into a small gallery where he can display all his art works and collection. A good compliment about his stuff always sends him to cloud nine and with all the things that he has, he sometimes sells them to collectors.

About few years back when grandmother died, my bother helped in cleaning the stuff that she left and would you believe that they’ve discovered many local coins in her treasure chest that dates back in the1920’s-1930’s. With the memories of my grandma attached to those coins, my brother vowed not to sell them but instead add them to his collections. It would be perfect if bro also has some gold coins,for we heard that is one of the best investment nowadays.

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