Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Movies for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens in our town are very lucky as they have the privilege to watch any movie at SM at our town for FREE. This is a project of our town mayor and to avail of this, all senior citizens just need to get a Movie Card ID (for free) at the municipal hall that they can present every time they want to watch a movie.

Every Tuesday (1st showing time) is the schedule of seniors citizens. My mom is one of those senior citizens that can watch movies every week. She goes there all by herself and funny thing is that, she gets to see some senior neighbors who are also going to watch the movies so they became her companion. Senior citizens with age spots and even those that are having hard time to walk are enjoying themselves with free movie.

I'm not sure if other towns are doing the same for their seniors. My mom and others are lucky ones. Just today, was able to watch another movie.

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