Friday, November 12, 2010

iPhone TV!

Ok, so I’m still dreaming of owning an iPhone someday but not soon enough. I know it’s one great piece of a gadget where you can do almost anything on it but I reckon that I only want it but not need it. My friends are raving over it since they got one for themselves and with the looks of it; they are having a wonderful time using this gadget. Their kids are even borrowing it from them as kids also can play games through many applications.

To make their iPhones more exciting and more useful, my friends are purchasing apps at a very reasonable price. There are actually tons of apps that you can choose: from games, exercise, business, cooking and lots more. iPhone never ceases to amaze its users and now Iphone tv is making waves. iPhone users can now watch live streaming, online video, TV programs and pre-recorded videos in their iPhone units. Wow, amazing huh? I wonder what’s coming up next?

Oh dear, I hope I will not be left behind.

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