Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sports Buffs

My 2 older brothers are definitely sports fanatic most especially when it comes to basketball. They love to watch our local basketball (PBA) and they even have different teams that they are rooting. Funny thing is that when both of their teams are fighting for the championship, except a high energy, loud cheering and often chaotic time in the house while they watch it on TV.

If budget is not a problem, they purchase tickets and the watch games live in the court. Their experiences often are memorable because they always say that watching it live is giving them a different euphoria than watching it only on the tube.

Aside from PBA, NBA is not foreign to them. I often hear them talk about names of their favourite NBA players and sometimes saw them buy basketball magazines and such. Chiacago Bulls, LA LAkers are just some of the famous teams that they love to watch and follow. I’m sure we’re in the US, there’s no doubt that they also follow their teams on every play and would even buy tickets for the championship.

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