Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping, Shopping and Shopping

Are you done with your shopping? Not me...

This year seems to be my over shopping year especially this November and December. I've been shopping online and at malls for myself and my loved ones and I'm enjoying every minute of my shopping time. Thank God, I have saved quite enough for this year to buy lots of items.

I went shopping again this afternoon and eventhough I have a list and a budget to follow, I've broken it once again. I went to a branded stall and oh my goodness, I was buying left and right for myself eventhough I have too much already.

Actually, I'm having a major wardrobe make-over. I cleaned my closet, gave some stuff while others are sold at our garage sale. My closet is so much ready for new cloths, underwear, bags, jeans and more.

I still wants to go to the mall this week and probably buy new sandals, etc. Plus I need to find a new lipstick and last Sunday, I saw maybelline on sale so I'll check it again. I don't think I need an instant wrinkle remover yet but a good cleanser is what I need. Yay, I can't wait to shop again before Christmas. I want to shop and drop. hehe..

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