Monday, January 31, 2011

Disturbing News Lately

Lately, the news are very bothering, from the killings and burning of bodies of 2 car traders to bus bombing in Makati. We have every reason to be vigilant and extra careful but sometimes no matter what we do, crooks will really strike anywhere and anytime. I just hope that justice will be served and those responsible will be apprehended and sentenced to jail. They are putting innocent people in danger.

Aside from that, a news about 10 construction workers that died in the site shocked us anew. 11 people fell from i think it was 29th floor when their gondola snapped. It's awful to see those people crashed to their death. I think one survived and pretty sure he has broken bones and might be needing a aircast walking brace to help him recuperate better. The government and the company involved will shoulder all the expenses and I hope no similar incident will happen in the future.

Authorities need to give extra help to people and law enforcers should be more alert and aggressive in fighting criminals.

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  1. We as a country need to pray more for this country that the hearts and minds will be changed for the better ment of this nation.


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