Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Christmas 2010

I know this is a little bit late but I'm sharing some photos of our Christmas celebration. Been too busy and a bit lazy to download and put watermarks on photos that's why it's only now that I've posted some photos here.
Anyway, Dec. 24 before going to at the 10 pm Christmas eve mass, we already had our Noche Buena around 8pm as the we are all hungry already. We decided not to cook that night so we just bought pizza at Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab, bucket full of chicken and cake. We heard mass after dinner and came home around 12 midnight and just had coffee before going to sleep.

Christmas day, we all prepared to go to my bro's place to celebrate Christmas day. Some relatives and godchildren of ours came to receive gifts. We call it "manuhan". It was our tradition to have Christmas day lunch at my bro's place, go to our relative's place to exchange gifts and all.

Christmas day is special as we have lots of food on the table. It was my SIL who cooked most of the dishes while I only prepared the fruit salad, which is my specialty. Everyone had a feast and after eating too much during the holidays, the thought of having diet energy pills came to our mind but fortunately I didn't gained that much.

It's also our family's tradition to open gifts after Christmas dinner. The kids where all just so happy opening their presents. Eventhough we didn't exchange expensive gifts, there's so much happiness and love in our hearts.

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