Friday, January 7, 2011

Overflowing Designing Mojo

Wow, I dunno but my designing mojo since December is overflowing. Due to that I finished 2 kits and tons of templates of photobook, cosmetic case and lots more for Artscow.

I've been designing and making templates non-stop that I'm too lazy to blog hehe. It's good though since I'm also earning a little with commissions that I'm getting from my sales at Artscow. I'm doing what I love (designing and scrapping) and on the side I'm also earning from it.

I've also joined their bi-weekly contest and my kit LOVE IS IN THE AIR is on the 2nd place already and I hope it will stay so I can win $50 for it. I'm planning to join again this coming Saturday so I have more earnings aside from the commission.

Check out my scrapping blog for my designs and templates from my ARTSCOW gallery.

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