Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Hopping to the Max

Oh my goodness, I was blog hopping to the max tonight. I started with one blog at around 8:30 pm and hopped to another and another up to this time (11:30pm). I have not done this for a long time but all the blogs that I've been to have been interesting.

Have seen some blogs about that talk about how to make money online, where to find the best diet pill, photoshop tutorial and tips, but what makes me more interested is when I saw a blog about another designer that makes digi-scrapping stuff. Upon seeing her blog, I was glued and have been reading all her posts and viewed all her designs at the store that she's in. I was impressed with her work and I'm inspired to do good in my designing talent as well.

Fortunately, I have some free time to blog hop tonight but I guess in the next few days, I can't do it anymore. Blog hopping is also fun as you can read other people's experiences, insights, ideas and in the end you can even learn and be inspired.

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