Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Military

I spotted a neighbor of ours whom I've not seen for a long time last New Year's Eve lighting up bunch of fireworks. He's too brave to do that, he's just opening up a cigar lighter while holding a firecracker on his hand and throwing it before it explodes. Boo! Fortunately he's not hurt by doing that silly thing.

I guess the tough trainings when he joined the PMA (Phil. Military Academy)while handling guns and even spyderco military knives made him so brave. I remember him so frail back when he's in highschool but now he looks more matured. I had a chat with his sister before and with the looks of it, he has enjoyed his schooling in PMA eventhough he can only come home several times a year to his family. I wish him luck with his chosen career though.

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