Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Of Digi Designing and more

Been busy these couple of days as I'm making new digi kit for Artscow. Just today, I finished the photobook templates that I've been making for days now. It was a sigh of relief after finishing those templates as I need it on Saturday. I was ahead of my schedule and I'm giving myself a good tap on my shoulder for accomplishing that.

I'm not all work if you may ask 'coz from time to time the television is on while I'm working so I still know what's happening to our country and of course the latest celeb gossips hehe. Also, before I retire at night, I'll see to it that I watch the news and some shows to keep me abreast with what is happening around. Been affected by the recent misbehavin' of a local celeb as he was sexually harassing some other celebs. He really needs some help and he admitted that he's an alcoholic so maybe he can join an inpatient rehab centers of sort so he'll be rehabilitated.

Anyway, I sure hope my work will pour once again this year and I can't wait to make lots of digi-kits once again. Actually, I have listed all the themes that I'll be working on soon.

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