Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poor Sophie

It's Sunday once again and I guess my dog Sophie can sense that we're leaving her in the cage for a while because we're going to church. We can't take her to the church so I make sure that I prepare her food and feed her before we leave. Just this morning, I gave her some chicken meat and she ate it slowly because she's kinda destructed with my bro who's putting some things on our van. Sophie knew that we're leaving at that time.

When she saw us leaving the garage, she cried softly and I could see in her eyes that she wanted to come with us. I just told her that we're coming back home in few hours and we'll play once again. I gave her a relaxing bath yesterday and as usual she's fresh and clean once again. I hope she'll not leave some of her dander so we can avoid any allergy or even an eczema. My niece is somewhat allergic and I'm not sure if she needs any eczema treatment or sorts for her skin. I just told her that she needs to stay away from Sophie if she can but she loves playing with her anyway.

I just love Sophie for she makes me feel happy everyday!

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