Friday, February 18, 2011

We Played Badminton

I bought badminton set last 2 weeks ago at Toby's and it's only today that we're able to play outside. I've been meaning to have exercise for a long time as I'm having a sedentary lifestyle once again. Working almost 24/7 in front of my pc is not doing me good so I have to move to keep my blood flowing and mobile.

This morning after I woke up my brother asked me to play badminton with him. I'll be going out to have my dog Sophie a walk anyway, so I thought of playing for a while too. We played for only about 30 minutes since it was a bit late but the play was enough to wake up my senses and give me some sweat. We're hoping to play badminton once again everyday if we can, they just need to wake me up a bit early that my usual waking hours.

Now, I feel good and after a little bit of exercise, I'm ready to sit down and work again.

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