Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Castor Oil and More....

I just need to post about what I went through while I'm preparing for my colonoscopy, endoscopy and ultrasound.

-Feb. 27, 2011- Sunday

12:00 noon
My fasting started during lunch time. No solid foods, only liquids. I had soup for lunch. Drunk plenty of water and Gatorade from time to time to keep me hydrated and not too hungry. Gatorade also gave me some energy up until the night. I just spent the day at home and had some rest. I was getting a bit nervous because I'm thinking about the laxative that I'm going to drink.
I get up from my bed and prepared the laxative, water, and some tissue on my side. Started to drink the 60ml (60 cc) of CASTOR OIL. My doctor prescribed this 60 cc Castor Oil (Laxatrol)laxative (Meyers) that I have to take at 4 and 11 pm. YAY!
It has orange flavor and I thought it's not that bad to drink but when I had 1 tbsp. of it, yikes the TASTE IS JUST TOO BAD.. yikes.

I took a teaspoon instead and little by little I drink it, with water at times. Oh dear, it was too bad but I have to do it. There are times that i need to pinch my nose so I can't taste it but it's making it more difficult for me so I stopped doing it.
I finished drinking it in 1 HOUR !!!!! Ewwwww...

I rested in my room and my stomach started to growl after an hour or so and anytime soon I'll be heading the comfort room. At 7:30 it started and oh dear it was non-stop till about 10 pm. I think I went back and forth for 4 times. I just drowned myself with water and gatorade.

11:00 pm
Oh dear not again! I thought I'll be fine since I finished the 1st bottle at 5pm but when I had my 1st teaspoon the taste was even worst! Argghhh.. So what I did was after drinking 1-2 teaspoons, I'll drink water. This method made me drink it much faster as it only took me about 1/2 an hour. I drink plenty of water.

12 midnight
NO MORE WATER or any liquid. The suffering begins hehehe. I wasn't able to sleep because from time to time I'm at the comfort room. Worst is that, I can't drink any water. Just imagine the torture, you're moving and losing fluids on your body yet you can't drink!

-Feb. 28, 2011- Monday

5:00 am

The last time I went to comfort room and I felt a little bit shaky but still alert and need no assistance at all. I rested and tried not go to sleep anymore.

6:00 am
Took a bath and prepared my things that I need to bring to the hospital. I weighed myself and wow I'm only
90lbs. I also took my measurement because I lost my PUSON.. lol
waist- 26" (normally I'm 28") hips- 31 (normally it's 34")

Wow i'm sexy hahaha. Lost all the food and stuff on my stomach. Anyway, feeling scared that I might suddenly need to go to the cr while we're traveling, I wore an adult diaper, which I find it very funny haha. I just wore a non fitting jeans because the diaper is bulky.

6:30 am
We're on our way to Medical City. I'm a bit nervous and cold. It was traffic on our way but I'm trying to be cool and relax inside our van. Finally we reached Medical City at 7:40 am, perfect for my 8:00 am schedule time.

to be continued...... >> read  My colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures at the Medical City

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