Saturday, March 26, 2011

Missing my Dad

Today is my dad's birthday and if he's alive today he'd be 77 years already and of course retired as a civil engineer.

We'll just offer a mass for him tomorrow and we'll have a special family lunch in memory of him.I'm sure he'll be happy to know that we're remembering him. Mom even dreamed of him and her deceased mom last night and I believe that they are just reminding mom of my dad's birthday today. It's unusual because I didn't dream of him days before his birthday unlike the previous years when I can see him in front of bedroom room door watching me.

How'd I wish dad was still with us. I can still remember the days when he helps me with my math problems when I was in college. These days, for sure he can give me a hand with our computer networking and teach me about network cable tester and other stuff. Too bad he hasn't seen his grandchildren that are all grown up now.

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