Sunday, March 13, 2011

Now I Learned the Importance of Medical Insurance

I guess you have read my previous posts about my recent health problems. I’ve been having some digestive problems for many years now but I’m just too afraid to see a doctor. Lately, a friend’s story about her brother’s stomach pains and hospitalization prompted me to see my own doctor asap so I can address my problems as well. The thought of knowing that I’m sick and have problems hindered me more from consulting a doctor and I know that is not a good thinking.

I consulted an Enterologist and my doc advised me to undergo some series of tests like endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, fecalysis and lots more to really know what’s happening inside my stomach. The diagnosis revealed that I have mild antral erosion of my stomach due to too much acidity and I was given medicines for 2 weeks. I was so glad that I have no tumor or cancer (which all along I thought I have) in my stomach or rectal area.

The tests went well as I didn’t feel anything since I’m under medication. The only thing that made me a little bit worried is the medical fees because I don’t have any PhilHealth or any medical insurance to cover my medical expenses. I could have saved on my medical bills. I can only blame myself for not getting one all these years. Now, I can see the importance of these medical insurances. I planned of getting one asap and I hope it’s not yet too late.

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