Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bisita Iglesia and Station of the Cross p.1

My sister-in- law and I decided to do this Bisita Iglesia and Station of the Cross on Holy Thursday, April 21. Actually she wanted to go to 7 churches but I told her we can't because the churches here in our province are distant with each other and I don't think I can go to many towns.

Anyway, this is my very 1st time to do it so it was kinda special. Hahaha actually, I don't know what to do but SIL told me we'll be guided by the small prayer book. I was feeling cold and achy before we left the house but still decided to go. A little massage on my feet and hands made me feel better.

Our first stop is at the Shrine of OUR LADY OF PEACE and GOOD VOYAGE also known as the Virgin of Antipolo (Birhen ng Antipolo) in Antipolo City. It's only about 30mins. away from our house and that day my brother drove us to the church.

IMG_0880 IMG_0878

I still remember the days when go there to hear mass when we're still kids. Mom will also buy me"palayok palayukan" toy and horse paper mache for my bro.

IMG_0886 IMG_0890


We started our station of the cross here and when we finished, we decided to take some photos and of course buy some KASOY nuts, which is very popular there. You can also find lots of rosary and other religious items there. We bought some and had it blessed as well. It was almost lunch time when we left the church. Our stop to Antiplo will not be complete without posing at the signage (SIL took this photo but the "t" was cut

Our 2nd Stop is at ST. CLEMENT Church in Angono, Rizal. Actually this is my 2nd time to visit the church, the 1st time is when I attended the baptism of my godchild. Again, nothing can stop us from posing in front of the church.

IMG_0909 IMG_0906

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