Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can I Afford a Ford?

Owning a car or any vehicle sure sounds cool. Just imagine the convenience it can bring to you and to your family when you need to travel to your work, errands or vacation. Transporting your stuff from one place to another and bringing the kids can be at ease. In fact, these days, owning one has already become a necessity over luxury because of the benefits it can bring.

We own several vehicles and in fact, my mom is still dreaming of owning an Isuzu crosswind, which I really don’t agree. She’s been telling us that if ever she’ll win the lottery, she’ll purchase one immediately. Oh I wish that will come to a reality. Well, if you’re going to ask me, I’d rather have a Ford expedition, which is more stylish, luxurious and has enormous strength as an AUV. Well, I need to bet on the lottery as well and who knows I might own one in the future.
The only hard thing about having vehicle/s is its maintenance. You need to always check on it to ensure good performance Repair estimates are also made available by many car auto shops just in case your vehicle is not performing well than usual. Just in case, that Ford Expedition is far from reality, I guess I just need to bear with our old Toyota Tamaraw and van.

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