Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hot, Hot Summer

It was last week when it was noted that the hottest temp. in the country happened. The 36.1 C temperature made us all so hot and sticky and not to mention exhausted. Oh boy, it feels like there is a  hot air being blown from a hair dryer/blower that can send everyone to look for air-conditioned rooms or beverage full of ice. It was unbearable I can say and I remember taking 2 showers that day to cool me off.

If you’re going out you better not forget your sunglasses, umbrellas or hats for the  scorching heat of the sun can also burn you and hurt your eyes. I bought a new Marc Jacobs sunglasses last year for my birthday and been using it everytime I go out. I just gave my old Oakley sunglasses to bro and fortunately the size and style it fits him. My SIL is wearing her Fossil glasses on the picture. I think nike sunglasses also have nice shapes and styles, I'd take note of that the next time I'll buy again.

I am guessing that summer will still be too hot in few more weeks but there are times it’s gloomy. I’m not wishing for the rainy seasons to come early but few showers can dampen the already toasted ground and can bring fresh and cool air.

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