Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Can You Beat Such a Good Price?

It’s no secret that I can’t read small letters anymore especially from afar. My eyes don’t have 20/20 any longer so my last option is to wear reading glasses if I want to read clearly and not get dizzy while reading or browsing online. I guess my frequent cross-stitching in the late 90’s has strained my eyes because there are times that I sew for more than 5 hours in just one sitting. In addition, age is another factor why my eyes’ clarity has changed.

I went to several eye doctors already and often than not, the glasses that they prescribed either make me dizzy or it seems that I still can’t see clearly and I'm not sure why. Maybe wrong measurements? Anyway, I went to this eye doctor about 2 years ago and voila, the prescription eyeglasses that she prescribed were more than helpful. I’m still seeing that doctor if I need to change my specs.

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