Monday, April 25, 2011

Media Players, Instant Messenger, NotePad For Various Needs

We use our computers for various reasons and it has become a powerful tool that we use everyday. We can use it to type our documents, using the internet to browse or chat, watch videos and listen to the music and practically it has become part of our daily lives.

Adding software in our computers can add additional functions to it and thankfully, there are free downloadable software that we can easily install in our pc. We have so many options that we can install and here are some of them.

I: Multi-Media Players:

1. KMPlayer - If you’re already bored with your pre-installed media player on your pc then try this KM Player, a multifunctional multimedia player software. You can watch videos and use it to listen to your fave music or audio files. It has a good edge over others because it can read various formats such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-124, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime etc.


2. Media Player Classic

As the name implies, it has a classic or basic look, which is similar to that of the windows media player. Aside from the ability to read all types of media files, the additional features of this media player are the ability to capture screenshots and copy protecting a DVD. Plus it has sound filters and playlists. Though it has a classic look, you can also change its skin for added personalization.

3. MPlayer

Linux OS users sometimes have a hard time looking for compatible software to run on their (OS) operating system. This MPlayer is a great way to play your videos and music on your computer.

II: Instant Messenger:

Miranda Instant Messenger


This is another IM that you can use to talk to your friends and relatives. It has many features that you can enjoy while chatting. There’s no more reason now that you can’t reconnect with them online because instant messengers these days can replace the expensive overseas phone calls.

III: NotePad

Free Notepad++ Software 

If you’re used to seeing a default Microsoft notepad program on our pc then this new notepad is different. Notepad++ is a good tool for programmers as it is much different from the default notepad as it has cool features such as drag-and-drop, multiple clipboard availability, spell checker, and lots more.

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