Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trying Out New Dishes

My 2 nephews and a niece are taking a vacation at our house this school break for at least a month. They're going back to the the university and will stay once again in their dormitory when new semesters start after Holy Week. Since they are at home, I need to cook for all of us and I need to serve not only food that they like but also different dishes that they don't normally eat while they are in Manila.

I've been also scouring the net for some new dishes so that it will not be boring and that makes me inspired to cook. Actually, I have tried numerous dishes and it turned out good. Actually, I need to find more so I can keep our meal time interesting. Aside from that, I also experimented on a mango dessert and it's good although I need to adjust some measurements. I hope they love my cooking and they will not blame me if they get fat this summer hehe. If they do they need to exercise or consider a lipozene if they gain more weight. My other nephew is going to the gym and has control on what he eats (he doesn't eat rice) so I don't think he'll gain fast.

Later on, I'll be going to my fave recipe blog and will look for another good recipe and I reckon that the chicken with creamy mushroom sauce sounds delicious.

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