Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going Back to School

School year 2011-2012 will start in about three weeks times and my SILs are already preparing their kids. Most of my nieces and nephews are already enrolled and bought their school supplies, books and new uniforms. I guess not all of them are excited and happy to go back to school though.

I’m also assuming that my net cafĂ© will pick up once again once the school years starts. Right now, I’m already checking the computer video cables, mouse and keyboards if they are all in good condition as I’m expecting students to flock in once again to do their homework and researches online.

My little niece is excited the other day to show off her Barbie bag that she’s going to use this coming school year. It was actually a gift from her uncle when she celebrated her 7th birthday last year. There’s no doubt that a lot of kids would love to have new school items but it’s also nice to be a little thrifty by not buying new ones if they have something old to use.

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