Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hyperacidity Attack

It was around 5 pm while I was cooking pork adobo when I felt pain in my stomach once again. The pain was different and it looks like it was another severe hyperacidity that I felt before I went to my doctor last Feb. This is again the 1st time that I felt this severe attack.

I hurriedly put on some Katinko (Chinese ointment that can cure muscle paint, aches and even good for insect bites) and rubbed on my stomach. The pain is unbearable so I confined myself at the restroom and I was in and out for couple of times.

Thankfully, I have Kremil-S on hand so I took one pill hurriedly. After few minutes my stomach settled. I blame myself for eating ripe mangoes and chocolate cake today and I guess lots of acid build up in my stomach once again. I remember my doctor told me not to overeat too much of the foods that I know that can trigger such.

Oh, how I can resist mangoes and chocolate cake? Next time, I will not be eating them in one day as my stomach is really so sensitive when I eat foods that our sour, too creamy and anything with chocolate and milk. Poor me, I can’t even indulge on those foods with much gusto.

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