Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Many Expenses

It’s the time of the month once again for school enrollments and parents are again faced with lots of expenses. Almost all school have started their enrollments for the coming school year in June and I have to say that eventhough I don’t have kids that will go to school, I can sense the fears and worries of parents. I can feel it from my brothers and SIL who have more than one child that will go to elementary, highschool and college levels.

Having 2-3 kids going to private schools at the same time can be a little daunting come enrollment time. Some parents who are working may opt to apply for payday advances if their school budget doesn’t meet the final expenses that they will pay. It sure can alleviate their worry since, some school can’t enroll your kids if you can’t pay or even give a downpayment. Aside from tuition fees, they need to buy new notebooks and books or sometimes new uniforms. The expenses doesn’t stop actually.

Geez, these days, sending kids to school are really expensive. I just hope that kids will do their best to learn what their teachers are teaching them in school and be good in school.

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