Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome to the Computer/Digital Age

I have never really imagined that we’ll come to this era where computers and modern technology can help us so much in so many ways. I clearly remember the days when I was still in college where beepers and cellphones are still non-existent. Just imagine, the hours that I wasted waiting for a person on our meeting place bec. I simply could not contact her. Thankfully, cellphones made us contact persons or clients much faster and easier.

Computers have also been very helpful. An awesome invention if I can say. Researching online has never been very easy. Online banking, shopping and other transactions are also possible. It’s also easy to look for services like at by simply typing the URL on the address bar on web browsers. We can also read reviews about a certain product or service.

Communication via messengers sometimes replaces the phone calls because of the much affordable messenger chat capability. It’s incredible to know the these technologies can bring us more closer to our loved ones who are far away from us. Who would not get excited about iPhones, iPad, ipods and other similar gadgets that can be helpful in our computing, entertainment and communicating needs? Ahhh…. they are wonderful, but I still need to get one of those.

Watching videos or movies are high-tech as well. Gone are the days when we are contented on just watching “noisy” or grainy pictures. Thanks to high definition TVs and machines. HDMI cable and VGA cables can also help in attaining the high quality images in our monitors and TV. These cables are optimized to boost the image quality thus making our home-theater experience a great experience.

Right now, I’m still in awe with all the gadgets and new inventions that are coming every now and then. I just wish, I can still cope with the every changing world of digital technology.

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