Friday, June 10, 2011

Minor Road Accident

Just the other day, my brother witnessed a minor road accident in front of his store. A motorbike that he believes to be running very fast accidentally slipped in the road. It was raining that day and how could anyone drive so fast? His turned over motorbike even injured a kid walking in the street.. Tsk tsk..

Seeing the accident, my brother and other people rushed to the scene to check them. The kid can’t move and still conscious while the driver is in pain as well. They called our local emergency hosp. and the police and soon after, they are transported to the nearby hospital. Such accident is something that we don’t wish to happen in us and to our family but we really can’t predict when will an accident will occur.

In this case, the kid’s parent should file a claim for the injury that their son got. There are many lawyers that can assist clients with personal injuries such as the Austin Personal Injury Lawyer
in Texas area. I’m just hoping both the motorbike rider and the kid are in good condition already.

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