Saturday, July 9, 2011

They All Had So Much Fun in Davao

My sis and her husband arrived from overseas for their vacation here. They’ve been going to many places already such as Batangas, Tagaytay and also Davao. Fortunately, their vacation was blessed with good weather and safe trip and they all enjoyed their vacation. They arrived from their Davao trip last night and they are all tired but carrying good memories and laughter that they all shared to those that were not able to come with them.

I’m particularly happy for my mom because she’s still fit to fly and go to so many places eventhough she got some leg cramps on the last night of their vacation and this morning. I reckon that their Davao adventure was the most memorable as they were able to go river rafting at Davao river. My BIL, nephews and niece braved the waves as they paddle along the river and upon seeing their photos made salute them.

They all stayed at the house of my sister’s friend and that saves them a lot since checking in a hotel can be expensive especially if you’ll stay for 4 days. They can easily roam around because they had service vehicle along with the driver that can take them whenever they go. It would be nice if we have an RV but we could not afford to have one and sometimes the rv repair can be expensive as well.

I have yet to watch all their videos and see the other photos especially when they are eating the famous durian fruit. I’ve heard so much funny stories about their experience with Durian and not all of them liked the taste and smell.

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