Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wazz Up?

Wow, I have not blogged on this blog for a while now and I must admit that I feel guilty about it. Been too busy blogging on my other blogs as they have more opps recently.

I’m also making new digital scrapbooking kits on the side that’s why I’m a little bit busy. In fact, I just finished another digi kit that I’m already uploading at Artscow.

Nothing much has happened lately, except that I’m been burying myself at home because my stomach pains and problem is attacking once again. I don;t want any major embarrassment or discomfort when I on the road or out that’s why I’m not going out lately. I’m missing a lot of fun but how can I go out when I have stomach concerns all the time? Poor me.. I don’t know what to do, I guess I need to drink meds again or get a second opinion about what I’m feeling right now because it’s not normal anymore.

Anyway, I’m still hoping for good things to come to me with regards to my health.

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