Monday, August 1, 2011

Dead Old Century Tree Project

We were stunned when we saw a big old dead tree in my brother's backyard last week. It turns out that he bought this dead, believe to be century old dead tree so that he can use it to decorate his backyard. Not everyone is up on the idea since the tree that he bought is expensive considering that it is already dead and old. Mom is even angry and would be happy to see log furniture in the house instead of that dead tree.

Anyway, my bro being stubborn insisted on his so-called project. Not only 2 people but around 6-7 men helped to put it on the ground. It took his workers 2 days to finish the task and now it appears to be nothing on his backyard. We’re just concerned about the money that he spent because it’s not a priority since he just came from the hospital and all. Oh well…..

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