Monday, October 17, 2011

Thinking of Having my Hair Cut Short

I had those days when I simply hate my hair. Why not? It's thick, coarse and unmanageable at time plus my white hairs appear every month after my hair color started to fade. But there are times that I love it when I conditioned it well and it falls nicely on my shoulders without even having it blow dried. Just few weeks ago, I'm contemplating of having a short hair just like in my highschool days where I sport a Princess Diana kind of hair cut or back in college while I'm still wearing my medical uniforms and having only a shoulder length hair.

I even approach the owner and stylish of the salon that I always had my hair done and asked for his opinion. He looked at my hair and he said if I want to have my hair cut short it will be really short- short because he will layer it to suit my face and the texture of my hair. I was afraid at the moment when he showed me the style that she wanted me to have. A Halle Berry- Rhianna kind of shirt hair cut was his choice and oh boy now I’m having second thoughts. Will that style suit my thin face and my coarse hair? Yay!

I’m not sure if I’ll have it done that way but still I wanted a change in my looks since I’m stuck having this long layered haircut for over a decade now.. Sad smile

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