Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects

I often hear from some friends that they have high cholesterol levels in their blood and I presumed that it was brought by eating too fatty foods. Mom was also known to have high cholesterol levels and her doctor prescribed some medicines to help reduce it. It was maintained but the bad thing is that it gave her some bad side effects. Aside from that, she was found out to have gallstones maybe brought about my drinking medicines for quite number of years already.

Fortunately she was not given a Crestor drug that can also help reduce high cholesterol levels and triglycerides on her blood for it was known that Crestor can cause serious ide effects, Some side effects are heart failure and heart attack. If you’ve been a victim of Crestor drug, file lawsuit against the manufacturer so you can get compensation for the damages it has done to your health.

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