Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diabetes and Actos

Just about 2 weeks ago my aunt succumbed to her death due to complications of her diabetes. It was so sad to see someone suffer from a disease. I reckon her blood sugar levels was already uncontrollable because she became so weak and made her almost completely blind. I also blame the lack of finances to control and maintain sugar and other diseases that diabetes brought to her.

This made me recall about a diabetes drug that I once read because instead of making the patient well, Actos drug can make the patients suffer more because of the serious side effects it can bring. Blood in the urine, heart failure/attacks, liver damage and even cancer of the bladder are found out to some of the effects of Actos. As a result, the drug was pulled out of the market and lawsuits are filed. If you acquired cancer of the bladder due to taking actos, hire the services of lawyers to represent you legally in court for you can be compensated for the damage it has caused you.

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