Saturday, November 26, 2011

She's Got a Green Thumb

One of the many places that my mom enjoys is our front yard. Every morning, I could already hear her working there. Toiling the soil, watering the plants and even plating some flowery or fruit trees are just some of the things she enjoys doing. There are even times when I told her not to work so hard for she is not allowed to get too tired for she might end up with high blood once again. She always keeps on telling us that she loves what she is doing and it makes her livelier than just sitting and doing nothing. Oh well, she has the point but she needs to slow down a bit I reckon.

Just yesterday, she managed to trim off some of the dead branches on her plants and thinking of planting new plants soon. Her green thumb is evident for we also have fruit trees in the backyard: a mango tree, atis tree and calamansi plant. Since we love papaya, mom wanted to plant 1 or 2 in her small garden or if not on the vacant lot beside our house.

I reckon it would also be nice to add more garden furniture where we can sit and relax on the wing set and the garden bench that I found online whilst browsing Deals Direct and that made me more excited to have them as our next home project. There’s no doubt, my mom would be thrilled to know my future project and knowing her she’ll be the one to arrange them.

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