Friday, January 20, 2012

At the Operating Room Soon

I was talking to mom this morning and told her that we'll be going to her doctor again tomorrow for her health clearance and to schedule her operation. I guess she is already prepared to be operated but I know she is still afraid but she has no choice but to have her gallbladder removed already. She's been moving the schedule all the time and I wish before the month ends she is done already. Even if she's not feeling any pain in her stomach area, her doctor still advised her to get rid of the gallbladder already for we never know if the stones will get out of it and go to other organs. If that will happen, she'll be operated again and it will incur more expenses and pain for her.

Even if she hates to see the hospital, nurses, the  medication carts and the medicines or the needles that will be injected to her, there’s no other choice. I just hope all procedures will be fine.

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