Friday, January 20, 2012

My Dog Sophie Turns 3

Sophie turned 3 yrs.old on Jan. 15th so as her “mom”(owner), I gave her a very simple celebration. I just bought a cake from Red Ribbon and had a simple lunch with the family. We took a lot of photos and of course Sophie has lots of photos too as I intend of making another photobook for her.

Sophie is a mix dachshund and shitzu. She has short-legs and long-body features and that is what she inherited from her dachshund father while the long hair is from her shitzu mom. She’s got a hot temper when she sees other dogs or people she has not known outside our gate making her a good guard dog. She is also sweet and would immediately wag her tail when she sees you coming home. She loves to lay down and get patted. I love her so much!

Her injections are all complete, she has anti-rabies, anti-ticks/pleas, anti-intestinal parasites. She also has a multi-vitamins. With all that she is a health dog and I hope she’ll live with us for many years.

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