Monday, February 6, 2012

Plastic Containers to Minimize Use of Plastic Bags

Every Sunday, my SIL is the one going to the market to buy our supply for the whole week. I just make a list of the things that I want her to buy and leave some money on the table Saturday night so by Sunday morning she can get it. While I’m still sleeping, she’ll be on the market buying all the chicken, pork, veggies and meat. She already know what to buy for me so I don’t need to instruct her much.

Since the government is already asking people to lessen or not use plastic bags anymore, SIL is already bringing some plastic containers where the fish, meat and seafoods will be placed. The veggies are usually still put in plastic bags but I guess it should be put in a bag instead soon. I really like this way as we can minimize the use of plastic bags that can clog our esteros and they will take hundred or so years to melt.

I think there are many cities or municipalities that are implementing this no plastic. What about you, what do you do to lessen the use of plastic bags?


  1. That's true and I truly commend the people of Batangas in this matter. The last time I visited the area,, I was in great admiration upon seeing the clean roads and you will not really see any plastic garbages around. We were told too not to bring any plastic with us going back home as there are inspections of baggages even in public terminals. Thats really admirable! How I wish Manila starts implementing this soon. It is only a matter of discipline lang talaga pla. Kung kaya ng Batangas, kaya din ng Maynila. Sana mangyari na!

  2. Plastic cellophanes have already banned here in my city. We bring tupperware and other reusable containers even when we buy our lunch food. Styrofoam materials have also been banned here but it's pretty hard to regulate the goods going in from other cities.

  3. in our Px they require buyers to bring their own plastic, if no plastic then its the buyers problem now how to bring his goodie.. i think this should have been implemented long time ago, glad that it is being implemented, nonetheless.

  4. Nakakabilib naman! You've certainly done your share on minimizing the use of non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic.

    Here in our City, the Local Government had already taken a giant and bolder step in addressing solid waste problems since 2009. However, all these initiatives will all be for naught when people from the grassroots won't take part in promoting the message of proper waste management. Kaya tama ka, satin talaga dapat magsimula, sa sarili mismo nating pamamahay.

  5. Muntinlupa (my beloved city) pioneered this 'Bawal ang Plastic' city ordinance. Dito sa amin, consumers are required to bring his/her own 'green bag' or bayong when buying goods at the market or groceries.

  6. Davao City has already implemented this ordinance and I think most establishments are strictly following it.

    This is a good way to lessen garbage especially plastics which are non-biodegradable.

  7. It's time to help save the world. Plastic-free! :)


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