Saturday, February 25, 2012

Summer Vacation Soon

Only 1 more or so month and it will be summer vacation for the kids again. My 8 yr.old niece even asked me if we're going to a resort to swim on their summer holiday. I was quick to reply yes and her eyes lighted and jumped for joy. Yay.. now I need to keep my promise for saying so. Every summer she keeps on bugging me about swimming and I reckon I need to grant her request this year.

Summer vacation is also the time for kids to do a lot of playing or doing other activities to keep them busy and productive. I just hope they will not just be contented on playing the playstation and games at the computer but they need to do something else.

My teenage nephew wants to learn how to play the guitar and since his cousins already know how to play, I’m sure they’ll happily teach him. In the future, I will not wonder anymore if he’d ask for a guitar to his parents.

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