Friday, March 16, 2012

Tidying Up her Garden

We’re done with the painting inside the house and our gate. Yey. It took 9 days for our workers to finish. There are still paint smell inside the house but not that too strong unlike the 1st few days. It was manageable already but there are times that I need some fresh air.

Anyway, here’s my mom watering her plants in her small garden yesterday. She’s been working hard too since we started our house project last week. She’s not ok with the idea of just sitting around the house for nothing, she’d rather work and be mobile eventhough she’s 79 already. She said it keeps her more lively.

We had a big mango tree there and it’s bearing fruits already. I’ll show photos of them soon. During mornings and late afternoons, it’s really nice to go here for the wind is just cool. I guess it would be nice to have wicker swings in this area so it’ll become a place to relax. I’ll suggest it to mom one time. image

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