Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Music Course?

I was a little bit shock to hear that my nephew who is in only  in 2nd yr high school is already dreaming of taking up music course in college, 2 years from now. Hhmmm.. apparently he wanted to compose music or something similar to that. I guess maybe for sound scoring on shows or in other media. I'm sure he'd love and he’ll be excited to use high tech stuff like Sennheiser products too. Oh well, in my opinion it’s not a very practical course to take but, these days, kids will do whatever they want without even thinking of the future and their capabilities.

Oh well, it’s still 2 more years and he might change his mind. Also, I will not be the one to finance his course, so I have no choice but to shut my mouth..lol. Who knows he'd become a famous composer or something in the future?

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