Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Journey to Regina RICA

Just learned about Regina RICA from a friend when I saw their photos in facebook. After learning about the place, we set a date to go there and it was only last April 9, 2012 (Monday) that our tripped pushed through.

We woke up early at 5:00 am and fetched my SIL and aunt at their house and it was already 6:45 am when our journey started. The trip was good and cool since the road to Tanay, Rizal has lots of trees and it was also early.

We reached Regina RICA at around 7:55 am, just right in time for their  8:00 am opening. Regina RICA (Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia) is founded by Dominican Sisters of the Regina Rosarii and is a place for prayers, devotion, pilgrimage, contemplation and an ecological sanctuary. It is located at Sitio Aguho Sampaloc Tanay, Rizal. They are open everyday EXCEPT TUESDAY. from 8am – 5 pm.
IMG_6416We first registered at PASILUNGAN and roam around the area 1st where there’s a mini-hanging bridge, a mini zoo and and lots of greens and foliage. This place is just pure eco-friendly. IMG_6428

A 71 -foot statue of our Lady- Queen Regina or Queen of Holy Rosary is waiting for us at top of the hill and to reach her we need to take 308 steps. I didn’t even feel any tiredness while climbing up there because the it’s windy and serene. Taking those steps is already a sacrifice and once you reached her at the top of the hill, you feel light and feel blessed.
Upon reaching the top, there’s a short briefing at the SULOD by RICA staff about what to expect and do at the Sulod’s premises. Before entering the prayer room, we bought some candles for offering and removed all our shoes.
Taking photos inside the prayer room is not allowed. Here’s our photo at the mantle of our Lady. We weren't able to attend any mass because it was scheduled at 4pm that day.

We stayed there for over and hour and we all feel blessed and happy to have visited her there in Tanay.This is one place that every family should go to for your prayers and devotion.

Just go to their website for location and other info.

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