Monday, May 28, 2012

Bro’s Mini Gallery

My eldest bother is a self taught visual artist for years now. Love for the arts and crafts runs in our family and it’s evident on the works of my brother. Actually, my other bro is painting as well but it was our eldest that has lots of paintings and other works already. He’s been showcasing them here at his mini-gallery.

Here are some of his creations.
IMG_3479IMG_3480IMG_3473IMG_3482IMG_3475You can see lots of things in here. From old LP (long playing) records, vintage bottles, old pictures of local celebrities, to coins, money and all things vintage. His friends and clients are coming and seeing all his stuff and bro loves to hear compliments about his works. It’s making him more inspired to draw and create art.

He also has an unusual collection in his place and i will not wonder if one day he'll add djarum black in his gallery just for the sake of collecting hehe. Seriously, he’s been collecting for many years now and continuing to acquire some old stuff that at times we don’t understand all the scrap that he’s getting. I guess he finds fulfillment and enjoyment in the things that he collects so we just need to support him.


  1. mahilig pala ang bro mo sa mga abubot.. May K naman pala sya to showcase his skill.

  2. wow, those are stunning...he's a brilliant artist for sure!

  3. those were beautiful work of arts, Jenn. It's great he continue to keep his love for the arts, having something we are passionate about doing in our free time do I believe help us live healthier and stress free, unless of course, if the passion is maybe too much.

  4. Very pretty artworks!
    WHen I was kid I always to draw/paint, but I guess I really do not have the talent in that aspect!

    2 thumbs up to your bro's work of arts po! :)

  5. Wow they are very pretty looks real...Good job for being creative and talented - your brother...

  6. Impressive.. he has a talent to shine as an artist if he pursue.

  7. I love paintings...and how I wish Iknow how to paint...
    ...talented ng bro mo sis...galing!

  8. He surely got the hands of an artist, Jenn! Lovely work of art! Masterfully done! I am sure mahal na yan, hehe!


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